Two & Twenty

As I was on a flight to Europe, I started reading "The Quants," a book on the origins of quantitative investing.

Otis | Alternative Investments

As a young person that hasn't exited a company and doesn't make enough money to be considered an accredited investor, the barrier to entry into particular asset classes remain prohibitive. Generally, if I want to invest and grow money, I resort to public stocks and cryptocurrencies. However, there's an array of other asset classes that I would like to participate in, ones that allow me to get some skin in the same game as wealthy individuals and institutional investors.

The Road Less Traveled

Two year ago, I walked into my university's registrar's office and withdrew from school. They informed me that I had about two days before they were going to kick me out. I was limited to two days to figure out what I was going to do for the rest of my life.